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The Big Apple

Paden Simmons

Office Leader, New York

We hardly need to tell you why working in the heart of New York City is great. What I will tell you though is where to get the best food in the neighborhood: pizza from Joe’s, coffee from Voyager Espresso, and bagels from Zuckers!

Why we love working in New York

Who wouldn’t!

Our New York City office is our largest office in the US, and features enviable views of the Brooklyn Bridge. A stone’s throw from Wall Street, we are a few minutes’ walk away from four subway stations and the Wall Street Ferry Port; from there you can take a water taxi to various spots around Manhattan and Brooklyn. There are more than five gyms to choose from within a 10-minute walk, and any kind of food you can imagine is on offer in the melting pot of the Financial District. We’re also a short walk from the One World Tower, so you’ll never be short of amazing sights to see.

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