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William Chan

Office Leader, Singapore

I am amazed at how much I’ve come to love Tenth Revolution Group in just six months. The company truly embodies its mission and vision as a passionate, specialist technology recruitment firm that adds real value to both customers and employees. As an agile organization, I have no doubt we will continue to challenge the status quo as the market and industry evolve. We’ve recently embarked on an exciting new investment journey to expand our presence in APAC, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!

Ruby Zhang

Vice President - Hong Kong

With the daily challenges faced on the job – especially since I head up the Hong Kong team that operates remotely out of the Singapore office – there’s never a dull moment at Tenth Revolution Group! The culture the group cultivates and the yearning to outdo your last best performance is both invigorating and a great driving force for myself and my team of dedicated recruiters. Coupled with the fast-paced, stimulating work environment and great co-workers, Tenth Revolution Group is a place for both fresh grads and experienced professionals to break records while having fun along the way.

Why we love working in Singapore

It’s clean, green, and efficient!

People love working in Singapore because it offers a dynamic and multicultural environment that fosters diversity and inclusivity. The city-state’s strong economic stability and abundant career opportunities, particularly in finance, technology, and biotechnology, attract professionals worldwide.

Singapore’s high standard of living, efficient public transportation, low crime rate, and excellent healthcare contribute to an exceptional quality of life. Additionally, the country’s low tax regime, clean and green spaces, and strategic location in Asia make it an attractive destination for both personal and professional growth. All of these combined, makes it a thriving location for a business that does what we do!

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Take it from our Singapore colleagues

Leonard Ow
Operations and Customer Programs Manager

When I joined the business, in 2011 as a trainee consultant I was attracted by the opportunity on offer in specialist recruitment. Since then I’ve never looked back. In my career here I’ve had many opportunities, from leading a small team and conducting training, to grooming future leaders and running an office that covers three countries! Of course, it doesn’t hurt when the takes you for nice lunches, dinners, and trips overseas when you perform well.

Lourdes Looi
Principal Recruitment Consultant

I joined Tenth Revolution Group six months ago and in this period of time I’ve learned a lot. My team leader manager has always been professional, supportive and make sure they provide plenty of guidance. This is a brilliant place to work!